Dave Silverstein


About Dave

Dave Silverstein is one of those guys you enjoy speaking to. Not because it’s fun – which, it is – but because he kind of keeps you on your toes. Dave is far from normal in his career, but ‘normal’ doesn’t build successful businesses, change the trajectory of your family tree, or lead people into anything great.

The test of a leader is the atmosphere they create when they enter a room, and there isn’t much room for a pervading sense of ‘comfortable’ to exist when you’re working with Dave. As a Chief Product Officer with over 15 years of experience in eCommerce, software, technology, and game solutions, Dave has worked on some pretty cool projects.


Led over 15 B2B and B2C eCommerce product launches for leading retailers and brands such as Mizuno USA, The Tile Shop, Enesco and Giant Tiger

Organized and led a team of 60 through the entire SDLC to launch a $30 million data mining and marketing services platform for the WB’s entire portfolio

Successfully launched Lego Star Wars 2 on 7 gaming platforms with only 12 months from inception to launch – something that hadn’t been done before at LucasArts – followed immediately by the successful launch of Lego Indiana Jones in 8 months on 7 gaming platforms to sync up with the release date of the movie. The result? $400 million in combined revenue for the games.

Further Experience

Dave has also worked for Warner Bros., LucasArts Entertainment, Activision, and DEPlabs, to name a few. He also maintains professional certifications as a certified scrum master (CSM), certified scrum product owner (CSPO), certified product manager (CPM).


  • COO and Board Member for the Orange County-based Family Wellness Acupuncture, founded by Dave and his wife in 2008.
  • CPO at MendIt

About MendIt

MendIt is passionate about helping you give your clothes a second life. That’s why they’re connecting you to local people and businesses that specialize in mending clothes. By freeing up your time, saving you money, and fostering community by supporting local businesses, MendIt gets you connected to the people who can repair your clothes, get that outfit in shape for that special occasion, and save your clothes from a landfill (we all love that) or from sitting in your closet (we could all use less of that).



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